If you’re tired of all standard slot play, rolls and paylines, Fruit Blast is the game for you. It’s still a slot game, theoretically, but it might probably trick someone into believing it’s another thing. This game has some very exceptional features, but they’re not bad. Actually, on the reverse. It’s a match three game that offers you an opportunity to use logic and don’t just count on chance. It is closer to video games, which, again, depend on chance, so various levels exist.

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Colours and music 

A beach bar with different bartenders is located in this location. This game is easily one of the most calming casino games, slot online with vivid colours and tropical songs. A ship and the mountains of a tropical island are palm and sand balls.

It’s simple, but enjoyable animation. The bartender walks and waves, some people play with their hair, some use a shaker – that’s all new. Everyone are happy and beautiful. The bonus animation features are really smooth and recall a set of girls.

Vivid and amazing 

In this game there are 7 symbols. Five of them are fruitful and what you must do is accumulate seven of them to earn the multiplier you like. For each fruit, there are bars on the base screen, which you can fill many times.

First of all, we have the x0.5 multiplier cherries. The higher your finishing multiplier, the more you collect. Then we got a lemon with an x1 multiplier, grapes with an x2 multiplier and a water melon with an x5 multiplier. Bonus and jackpot icons are also available. All the icons are vivid and light.

Prizes and Variations

The variations of the Fruit Blast Slot Well are three or more of the same symbols, since it is a match-three game. You’ll get another win, based on your symbol multiplier and your own bet. It’s a really good role to get multiplicators.

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Each standard also has a particular level of success, such as ‘playing 100 games,’ ‘filling 20 cherry bars’ ‘filling 15 lemon bars’,’ ‘gaining 5 consecutive games,’ slot game online Malaysia and so on. These are the items you earn to make progress in the game.

Bonus features 

What is very fascinating is that as you improve and level up each bartender you unlock has a new bonus feature and a different pace. The RTP is variable in this sense. What’s best is that the bartender can be selected. Another curious thing is that advanced bartenders are not offering higher wins generally.

The first bartenders, called summer, do not have a bonus feature. there are 9 bartenders. Then you get Aloha, a Hawaiian girl, that’s a bit of an odd name because you don’t see a lot of people called Hello. Her bonus feature is a shake that gives you an instantaneous victory in a particular number.

Then there’s Pat who has Dance Nights as a bonus feature. This presents you with 5 free games, all guaranteed to win. So, you will earn all kinds of incentives with the various characters such as pick and win or more free games and special rewards. The jackpot here is indeed constructed on the same logic – you need 3 symbols of the jackpot. Your gamble amounts to x1,000 times the jackpot.


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