Here is a series of common questions that uninitiated at the casino ask themselves.

In casino rooms, can I just watch?


There is no obligation to gamble, you can just watch people play, accompany a group of friends or familiarize yourself with the rules of casino games. And if you decide to take the plunge, know that most jomcuci918 ewallet casinos offer introductory sessions to casino games. You can also consult our various sections on casino games and practice on the [flash versions of casino games.

I just want to go to the casino bar, do I need ID

YES … if the bar is located inside the casino.

Since November 1, 2006, an identity document in is required at the entrance to all gaming areas to protect minors and people prohibited from gambling. If the bar has a separate / direct entrance, you will not have no ID needed. Check with your casino.

Do I have to declare my earnings? Are my earnings taxable?


From 1500 , players must pay the CSG (12% of the winnings) and present their identity card, one more reason to always have it with you!

Since when has access to gaming tables been free?

Since May 1, 2006, access to gaming tables has been free, except in casinos that have decided to keep this paid access (the Barrière casinos in Enghien-Les-Bains and Cannes for example).

How much money should I budget to go to the casino?

There is no minimum amount to plan for going to casinos. Whether in table games or slot machines, many different starting bets allow you to combine pleasantly pleasure of gaming and responsible gaming.

What are my chances of winning?

Any game is based on the principle of the redistribution of the stakes. At the casino, the redistribution rate is much higher than other gaming systems. Indeed this rate cannot be lower than 85% (this is defined by law), in reality the casinos apply a redistribution rate of more than 92% to slot machines.

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